Massive Recruitment at an Indigenous Engineering Company (Oil & Gas)

An indigenous Engineering Company involved in the engineering design and management of projects in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry seeks applications from qualified Nigerians to fill up different positions in her organization in Lagos.

1.) Principal Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/01/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

2.) Snr. Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/02/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

3.) Interm. Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/03/IE/N
Years of Experience: 10

4.) Instrument Engineering
Ref No: HR/2013/04/EE/N
Years of Experience: 6

5.) Snr. Instrument Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/05/SD/N
Years of Experience: 8

6.) Snr. Subsea Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/06/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

7.) Subsea Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/07/EE/N
Years of Experience: 8

8.) Snr. Telocmmunication Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/08/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

9.) Telecommunication Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/09/SE/N
Years of Experience: 8

10.) Principal Material & Corrosion Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/10/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

11.) Snr. Material & Corrosion Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/11/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

12.) Material & Corrosion Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/12/EE/N
Years of Experience: 6

13.) Principal Piping Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/13/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

14.) Snr. Piping Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/14/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

15.) Snr. Piping Stress Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/15/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

16.) Piping Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/16/JD/N
Years of Experience: 3

17.) Snr. Piping Design
Ref No: HR/2013/17/SD/N
Years of Experience: 8

18.) Sni Support Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/18/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

19.) Principal Pipeline Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/19/PE/N
Years of Experience: 12

20.) Snr. Pipeline Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/20/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

21.) Pipeline Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/21/EE/N
Years of Experience: 6

22.) Pipeline Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/22/JD/N
Years of Experience: 3

23.) Principal Electrical Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/23/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

24.) Snr. Electrical Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/24/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12
25.) Intermediate Electrical Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/25/IE/N
Years of Experience: 10

26.) Project Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/26/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 12

27.) Project Manager
Ref No: HR/2013/27/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 15

28.) IT Engineers
Ref No: HR/2013/28/IT/N
Years of Experience: 6

29.) Cat & Specs Engineers
Ref No: HR/2013/29/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 12
30.) HR Officers
Ref No: HR/2013/30/HR/N
Years of Experience: 3

31.) Control Administrators
Ref No: HR/2013/31/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 8

32.) Project Secretaries
Ref No: HR/2013/32/HR/N
Years of Experience: 3

33.) Snr. Electrical Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/33/SD/N
Years of Experience: 8

34.) Principal Process Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/34/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

35.) Snr. Process Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/35/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

36.) Intermediate Process Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/36/IE/N
Years of Experience: 10

37.) Principal Static Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/37/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

38.) Snr. Static Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/38/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

39.) Principal Rotating Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/39/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

40.) Snr. Rotating Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/40/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

41.) Principal Civil/Structural Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/41/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15
42.) Snr. Civil/Structural Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/42/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

43.) Civil/ Structural Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/43/JD/N
Years of Experience: 3

44.) Snr. Civil/Structural
Ref No: HR/2013/44/SD/N
Years of Experience: 12

45.) Procurement Coordinator
Ref No: HR/2013/45/PR/N
Years of Experience: 8

46.) Expeditor
Ref No: HR/2013/46/PR/N
Years of Experience: 6

47.) Logistic Coordinator
Ref No: HR/2013/47/PR/N
Years of Experience: 6

48.) Snr. Planning/Scheduling Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/48/PC/N
Years of Experience: 12

49.) Snr. Cost Estimating Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/49/PC/N
Years of Experience: 12

50.) Project Accountants
Ref No: HR/2013/50/FAD/N
Years of Experience: 6

51.) Interface Engineers
Ref No: HR/2013/51/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 8

52.) Cost Control Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/52/PC/N
Years of Experience: 4

53.) HSE Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/53/HSEQ/N
Years of Experience: 4

54.) QA/QC Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/54/HSEQ/N
Years of Experience: 4

55.) Technical Safety/Loss Prevention Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/55/HSEQ/N
Years of Experience: 6

56.) Construction/Commissioning Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/56/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 8

57.) Lead Cost Engineering
Ref No: HR/2013/57/PC/N
Years of Experience: 15

58.) Lead Project Control Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/58/PC/N
Years of Experience: 15

59.) Lead Planning & Scheduling Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/59/PC/N
Years of Experience: 15

60.) Snr Cost Control Engineer
Ref No: HR/2013/60/PC/N
Years of Experience: 12

61.) Cost Estimator
Ref No: HR/2013/61/PC/N
Years of Experience: 8

General Requirements:
1) For Engineering positions

  • Candidates must be graduates in engineering and/or related disciplines with a minimum of B. Eng or B.SC (Second Class Upper), (i.e. Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil/Structural).
  • Applicants must be familiar with relevant international design codes and standards, including skills in applicable discipline software for analysis, drafting and modeling of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities like SACs (with good knowledge of Fatigue Analysis), PDMS, Intools, SKM Power Tools, ETAP, Ceaser II etc.
  • Applicants must have good years of experience as detailed below in oil and gas facility design.
  • Candidates within Nigeria must be COREN registered, while applicants from outside Nigeria must belong to professional bodies registerable with COREN.

2.) For non-Engineering positions

  • Candidates must be graduates of Accountancy, Business Administration, Law and Languages with BSC or BA (Second Class Upper).

Application Closing Date
19th March, 2013

Method of Application
Interested applicants should sand their applications to

Note: Successful candidates will be required to carry out or support engineering design of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, in a multi-disciplinary project environment anywhere in Nigeria.


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